Early in my career I worked with doctors who were usually in the middle stages of their career, but at the start of 2011 I decided to use my experience to start a second project focusing on financial coaching to residents. My goal was to prevent the financial problems I was seeing in my work with older doctors from happening to younger doctors.

While you are in training my team is available as a resource to you and there is no cost for our assistance, nor is there any obligation to keep working with us after you finish training. We have helped dozens of residents from your programs as well as many of your attendings, and we are happy to assist you as well. If you want to learn more about the points below, or you have questions about other financial topics, feel free to email me at Justin.Berry@NorthStarFinancial.com. If you have a long-term partner, they are encouraged to attend meetings as well.

Topics that can be covered during the financial education process:

  • How to avoid student loan mistakes (IBR, PAYE, REPAYE, SAVE, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Refinancing)
  • Renting vs buying decisions
  • How to avoid being over-insured, under-insured, or over-paying for insurance
  • Evaluation of long-term disability insurance and term life insurance options (if needed)
  • How to develop a healthy relationship with money
  • The basics of investing
  • Various types of retirement accounts and their pros/cons
  • Suggestions for avoiding other common financial mistakes

To schedule your initial conversation, please email me at Justin.Berry@NorthStarFinancial.com